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contact us!

All skull rosaries are custom made to your desire, which implies many great conversations between us.

I take into account many details when creating a skull rosary: size of skull bead, threading material, rustic spacers, color of beads, 5-decade rosary OR penal rosary, and other blessed ideas you may have. If there is a pendant, crucifix, medal that is of great meaning to you we will work together to incorporate it into your skull rosary.

Above all, our desire for the customization is to enhance your desire to pray with Mary so that you may one day see the face of God!

Isn’t beautiful?!

Please hesitate not in contacting me either by phone or email with any inquiries regarding rosaries, skull rosaries, pricing, timeframe, etc.

Juan Gerardo Galván-Rodríguez  |  956.307.0924  |

Postscript: Did I mention that Skull Rosaries gives 10% of all profits to charity. You may even choose your own! Here are some that we support:

The Reason for our Hope Foundation  –  Fr. Larry Richards

Hard As Nails Ministries  –  Justin Fatica

Mother Teresa Foundation